Dynamite Cocktails @ Trader Vics Mai Tai Lounge

Tiki puka puka….You are 1 person in my life I can never be angry on. In fact, you are the reason for spreading the cheer every time I meet you. And our rendezvous point, the same Trader Vics. As usual, our date left me happy, boisterous & with a lil bit of hiccups hic*

Ambiance: This time we decided to meet in the Mai Tai lounge at JBR. While the place might be low on lighting for some people, it offered us ample seating. The bar at the center, the Balinese dressing & various wooden carvings transported us to Bali. The band started after 10 & although they weren’t as peppy as the usual bands, they did light up our mood. All that was missing was an infinity pool or the crashing waves of the sea & it would have been picture perfect.
Service: The people attending to us were prompt with their drinks & service, often cleaning up the table to make way for you.

Food/ Drinks:

Jalapeno Cheese balls were well… cheese balls. However the Chinese mustard & sweet chilly dip gave us the kick to spice up our evening.

Jalapeno Cheese Balls
Chinese Mustard & Sweet Chilly Dip

Edamame beans: On the spicy side but they were oh so good!

Edamame Beans

Spicy fries: Then it became too spicy after the spicy fries although the fries were well cooked.

Spicy Fries

Island tidbits: Well fried shrimps & sweet BBQ sauce flavored lamb ribs completed the food quota of our evening.

Tiki puka puka: How does one describe the perfect cocktail they have had? Right amount of sweet, sour & hugely potent. Its a kick in the right direction.

Peach tree: Your sweet friend was a great accompaniment to the evening too. With coconut milk, peachy sweetness & white rum, it was for the ones who liked their poison passionate & gentle.

Original Mai Tai/ Suffering Bastard: They turned out to be good too & the one who tried the Suffering Bastard ( the drink i mean) is still suffering from it.

Pricing: Our tryst for 3 friends with you set us back by 700 Dhs. Pricey location but good experience.

Final Verdict: This Mai Tai lounge is a good place to meet again. We had a good time, lets catch up soon, until then… Adios!

Trader Vic's Mai Tai Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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