Lazy Breakfast at Clinton Street Baking Company

My body clock has some unresolved issues with weekends. The only days of the week when you are allowed to sleep in late is when the alarm goes off early in the morning. But, that essentially gives you time to decide & head off to great breakfast places in & around Dubai. The weather also plays it’s part by welcoming you outdoors.

But on certain days when you want to have a lazy late breakfast & by late i mean 2pm late, either head to one of the expensive brunches or else head straight to Clinton Street Baking Company. Totally justifying the good reviews, this is a great American Diner style all day breakfast place.

Ambiance: It is done up inside in a typical American diner way. Diner style sofas & chairs with hanging lights adore the place inside. But we preferred the outdoor covered seating on a pleasant friday afternoon. You get a complimentary Burj Khalifa view without the traffic noise around. Only point of irritation was the flies that we had to continually swat away through our time there.


Service: The person taking our order had the courteousness & personal attention that owners of great restaurants do. Every dish was presented with tweaking options including having the choice to make the eggs in the Benedict runny, medium or well done. The coffee in my bottomless coffee cup was filled well in time. We were a bunch of friends catching up after a long time & the service ensured a non intrusive yet attentive 2 hours. Thumbs up to the super warm service

Let me begin by pointing out that they have an entirely organic menu & if i would have not been told that before, i would have been wondering how can each individual ingredient taste better than what i have in other restaurants.

Salmon Eggs Benedict: A perfectly runny egg ( as ordered) on a buttermilk biscuit that held its shape & also managed to soak the egg & the hollandaise. All aboard a house smoked salmon that just lifted the dish. Bang on, go back for dish!


Omlette with mushrooms & red peppers: As fluffy as a good omlette should be. No complaints there either.


Kale & quinoa salad: We all have that 1 health freak with us orders a dish that he ends up finishing mostly himself. Kale & quinoa with avocados & onions, it satiated his benchmarks for a good salad. Me, i prefer my salads as a side & not a full dish in itself.

Brioche french toast: The wait from the moment this dish arrived on our table to me digging into into it would have been the longest 1 minute of my life. All this cos I have to take a few pictures of it before i sink my fork into this lightly sugar dusted brioche with soft caramalised bananas & toasted nutty pecans. And once the oh so awesome warm maple syrup got poured onto it, conversations between long lost friends stopped for a good 5-6 minutes. This is the perfect brunch dish for which i would return back repeatedly.

Orange juice/ Green Tea/ Coffee: All played their supporting roles to perfection.



Pricing: It was 290 Dhs for 3 people. Priced on the higher side but hey the ingredients are organic & the food is great.
Final Verdict: Go To Brunch/ Late breakfast place forever now. Period.

Clinton Street Baking Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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