Organic Burgers @ Elevation Burger

I was hearing a lot of good things about Elevation Burger & wondering when will i get the motivation & time to have burger for a complete meal. Luckily, Zomato gave us an invite with Elevation burger to try out their new chicken menu. We headed down to their Jumeirah branch for a burger dinner.
Ambiance: The place is too well done up for a burger joint. Ample use of wood & a very spacious laid out seating. There is a play area upstairs for kids which was however closed for renovation. The messaging on the wall (literally) was clear & loud… We use organic ingredients Only. Sounds good, learnt more on organic beef through their decor than what i have read up till now.


Service: The staff was very helpful to guide me on my first trip here. Jolly enough to entertain the Little Critic as well.

We ordered the Fiery Beef burger, Original Chicken sandwich, Veggie burger, original fries & a couple of milkshakes.

Fiery Beef Burger was smashing good. The double beef patty had the perfect texture & juicy meat. The jalapeno kick & melted non processed cheddar cheese only added to the flavoring. I know what i will order next time in Elevation Burger.

Fiery Beef Burger

Original chicken sandwich had a very tender & moist grilled chicken breast. Very different from the usual chicken patties in chicken burgers. The lettuce & mayo made it a very good sandwich overall. However, pale in comparison to its Fiery counterpart.

Original Chicken Sandwich

Veggie burger was a disappointment. The patty made from rice was a bummer in a burger. It was like eating rice sandwiched between a bun which is kind of insipid & boring. We tried to pep it up with the hot pepper relish spread ( super spicy) & jalapenos but it disappointed us in a massive way.

Veggie Burger

The fries arrived cold & lacked the crunch. You can fry them in olive oil but as long as it doesn’t taste good, diners wont care.


The milkshakes were thick, creamy & super good. The chocolate one with cheesecake was lapped up by Wifey happily. I prefer a bit of twist in mine & ordered the Vanilla with key lime & it turned out to be pretty good as well.

Pricing: The meal would have costed us 180 Dhs which is a lot for a burger place. The ingredient freshness aside, its still a pricey option.

Final Verdict: Elevation burger matches organic food with flavor. However, the pricing is a bit steep & dishes apart from their best sellers need to be worked upon.

Elevation Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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