Dum Pukht Awadhi cuisine @ Raaga

Many a times change in management translates to change of flavours or dining experience. Thankfully, with Raaga ( erstwhile Al Kauser), they managed to retain the original taste & flavor of its predecessor.

Awadh or Dum Pukht cuisine is a specialty cuisine known more for its subtle flavors & aromas than the explosive spices. It is the art of slow cooking to retain maximum flavor. Raaga has done well to stick to the Awadhi roots than offer a 20 page menu like most other restaurants serving 4-5 different cuisines.

Ambiance: Its like Al Kauser never changed. Managed to retain the same dining tables/ sofas & chairs. Well lit & comfortable. However, the air conditioning was an issue where we sat & absence of baby chair meant we had to take turns to entertaining our Little Foodie.

Service: The service is pretty good. The food serving time, suggestion of dishes, feedback taken after service or the warm nature of the management is all perfect. They took our feedback for the issues pointed out and promised to rectify soon. And by our next visit, the Baby Chair was already in place.


We were served complimentary Papads & chat masala sprinkled onions. The onions are a great start as they soften and offer a great accompaniment to the food.

Kakori Kebab: Tender, soft & delicately spiced, they were spot on. We could even give our Little Foodie a sample of it, yes it was that soft.

Galawati Kebab: Remniscent of the tunday kebaabs from Lucknow, these melt in your mouth. You need a spoon to eat them,hands just wont do. Probably the beat Galawati Kebabs in Dubai!

Warqi Paratha: This flaky, slightly oily,crisp paratha is the best way to enjoy galawati kebabs. The paratha in itself is a tad sweet like the dough has been kneaded in milk & a great bread to devour on its own.


Chicken Tikka Masala: Perfect balance of spice & the sour tang from the tomatoes. Pretty close to how I would describe the perfect Tikka Masala gravy. I would have liked the Chicken tikkas to be smaller in size enabling it to cook more while retaining the juiciness.


The Nan & Rotis were good as well.

Chicken Biryani: It was little disappointing on the back of such a wonderful fare. More like cooked rice & meat blended together.


Pricing: 130 Dhs for the above meal is moderate pricing.

Final Verdict: This is a very underrated restaurant of Dubai. Needs to make its presence known as trial to repeat of its consumers will be very high due to the quality of food. This is now a regular Order at Home restaurant for us. We will be back & next time go for the Kebabs & the Dal Makhani.

Raaga Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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