Hearty Pakistani food at Daily Restaurant, Qusais

Daily Restaurant has been the go to Pakistani food place for me and my office colleagues for ages now. So after having Daily food this week for the umpteenth time, finally decided to pen the review.

Ambiance: Daily has 2 seating areas “Family” & hence the other by default becomes Non Family section. The pricing is a little high in the Family section with the waiters also more courteous. Wooden Tables adore the place and the place doesnt have a fancy decor.

Service: Better service comes over time in Daily. It’s like a rewards program. First timers are greeted with a no smile waiter while regular patrons are greeted and paid attention to right from the start. The food arrives in fairly quick time, but if you have ordered Kebabs along with the mains, there are times when Mains have arrived before starters. The Raita used to be complimentary a long time back, but they charge for it now which the waiters don’t inform you about it.

This is essentially Pakistani style food, ignore the oil quotient or else you might not enjoy the food.

Bihari Kebab: Available in Beef/Chicken, its the Beef version that’s softer and tastier as the meat is pounded well.Spiced a hint more than the usual Pakistani fare.

Gola Kebab: The Seekh style kebab is so soft that it has to be held by a string together. Cut the string amd watch the magic unfold. You literally need a spoon to pick up the pieces.

Chicken Tikka: This is not the Boneless Chicken Tikka but their version of Chicken Tandoori. They will ask you ” Seena ya Tangdi” which means breast piece or leg piece of the chicken. I have always gone for the Seena and enjoyed it.


Chicken/Mutton Kadai: A very oily version of the Chicken Kadai with Green Chillies put in whole. You need a strong heart & cardiac system to pour out the oil and enjoy the gravy below which is actually good.


Mutton Biryani: The Daily Biryani is the actual reason why me and my office colleagues visit this place. Long grained rice, well cooked mutton, the potato piece & a flavour with undertones of tomato & whole spices is what makes this biryani really special. Again, this is not the Dum Biryani with mild flavors & non greasy rice.


Magaz Nihari: A miss for me due to the Maghaz (Brain) which was literally boiled and sprinkled on top.

Dal: Good rich lentil Dal with bite size pieces of green chillies which actually aren’t too hot.


Rotis are soft and huge. Well paired for the gravies and kebabs.


Pricing: Very affordable, easy on pocket. A meal for 2 would cost under 80 Dhs.

Final Verdict: Go there for the flavors of Pakistan and come out happy, only if you can handle oil in your food.

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