A taste of Maharashtra @ Peshwa

Maharashtra like many States of India has its own diverse & rich culinary heritage. Right from the staunch vegetarian Brahmains to the fish lovers of Malvan or the spice levels of Kolhapuri chillies, it offers an ever changing regional food experience in the State itself.

UAE lacked a good Marathi eating joint for a long time. Until, Peshwa opened up in Dubai. Located near the Karama GPO, this has managed to carve a place for itself in the culinary space of Dubai. Yes,the cuisine from Maharashtra is finally here!

Ambiance: Marathi flair all around this place, be it the various Marathi topis (Caps) or the paintings depicting various Maharashtrian locations or finally the Granthalay (small library) of Marathi literature. This place has an unmissable Marathi vibe to it.

Service: Good service, smiling waters & very attentive.


Kairi Panhe: Raw Mango (Kairi) concentrate with cardamon, sugar & salt added to it. Nice start to the meal. In summers, this is a coolant offered if you have had a long day in the sun to replenish the salts & minerals.

Tisrya Masala : Clams in a spicy sour gravy that is oh too delectable. This ranks up with the best Tisrya I have ever had. The tanginess of Kokum makes you dig for multiple servings.


Kolhapuri Chicken/Mutton: All the restaurants of Dubai claiming to serve Kolhapuri Chicken, please visit this place… perfect Kolhapuri spiciness. When a dish mentions 2 chillies next to it on the menu, it has to be Kolhapuri spicy.

It can be served in a semi gravy format or Sukka 


Or it can be a thin gravy or Rassa

Methi Pithla: Gram Flour thick curry, also known as Maharashtra’s staple dish to accompany a Bhakri. This has a perfect smoothness & spice level to it. The addition of Methi leaves (fenugreek) adds additional bite to it.

Kothimbir Vadi: The filling is made from gram flour & Kothimbir (coriander leaves), steamed, cut into squares & then crisp fried. Soft on the inside & crunchy on the outside. You would be on your third helping even before you know it.

Jowar & Tandlachi Bhakri: Made with white millet flour (Jowar) or Rice Flour (Tandlachi Bhakri), this unleavened skillet roasted bread is hearty & filling. Also famous for being the staple food for its nutrition value & longevity, they can be paired up with the Pithla for a good meal.

Vade: This is made up from 5 grains, dough mixed up & then fried for a fluffed up bread, similar to a Puri but much more flavorful.

Solkadhi: Kokam flavoured Coconut milk based drink. It is refreshing and so good, you just can’t stop at 1 glass.


Piyush: A liquid version of the sweet Shrikhand… very smooth & perfectly sweet.

Ukdiche Modak: A Maharashtrian sweet delicacy only prepared on special festivals. This is like a sweet dumpling made of rice flour stuffed with a mixture of grated coconut, jaggery & nuts. Then steamed to perfection & best had with a drizzle of Ghee (Clarified butter).

The quantities of the Main Course were huge. So order keeping that in mind.

The Thalis are also big in quantity, over satisfying for 1 person. A typical Kolhapuri Thali will come in with a Mutton Sukka, Mutton Gravy, Tambda Rassa (spiced thin gravy), Pandhra Rassa (White thin coconut milk based gravy), A vegetable preparation, sweet & your choice of Bhakri/ Chapatis.

The other dishes like Kheema, Bombil fry are also worth trying.

Pricing: Food for 2 at 110-120 Dhs is super value for Money considering we packed food for another meal literally.

Final Verdict: 
Visit this place to get a true flavor of Maharashtra. Vegetarians, fish & meat lovers will enjoy alike. Highly recommended.

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