A trip down Emirati history @ Al Hadheerah

Have you ever been to a restaurant where you have been so mesmerized by the ambiance & the experience that you forgot you were there to eat in the first place. Classifying Al Hadheerah as a restaurant would be an insult to the place. It’s a true Emirati heritage experience that walks you down their memory lanes & gets us up close & personal to the foundations of this country.

Located in the middle of a desert at the picturesque Bab Al shams resort, this is one trip that you have to make when in Dubai.

Ambiance: They have recreated the entire Bedouin camp experience with spice markets, shops, areas showcasing the old lifestyle of fishermen, tribes & weavers before the formation of the United Arab Emirates. You can also shop for a the traditional clothes, spices & sand memorabilia at this place.


The story also plays out with a narrative & horse mounted warriors, camels et al. The live music & dancers add in to the overall experience.

The buffet spread is spread wide and far to avoid crowding in those areas.

Service: It was fantastic. The mezze were brought to our table as soon as we were seated.

The waiters were courteous & so were the chefs at the individual stations. made fresh manakeesh for us as well as the kebabs.

The Turkish Ice cream guy is 1 entertainment center in himself & brings a lot of laughs for the patrons.

While looking around, we almost forgot we had to eat as well. The food was good with obvious winners & areas of improvement.

They had a huge selection of salads

The Manakeesh were like tartlets of short crust pastries & a real different wow experience. Add to it that the cheese was still bubbling while it was being cut for me & you have 1 happy guy.


The Kebabs were good, especially the chicken ones. Hot from the skewers on to your plate.
Ditto for the Grilled Chicken that I patiently built my appetite for as i watched it tun over the smoldering bed of charcoals.

They had a lamb that had been cooking underground for almost 7 hours & was tender & had to be hand pulled.

The Rice were slightly disappointing & so was the main course as there weren’t many options & the ones didn’t match up to the flavors of the other dishes.

The Desserts were also very basic with the exception being the Luqumat that was prepared afresh & drizzled with Date Syrup. Yumm!


Pricing: 425 Dhs per person. Super expensive if you just think of it as a dinner. But, then the overall experience makes it worth it.

Final verdict: Al Hadheerah is a wonderful Emirati experience. Visit it for the entertainers, a trip down history lane & some good food.

Al Hadheerah Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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