Fun,drinks & more at Stables

Every group of friends will have that 1 favorite Hangout, be it a pub, cafe or a simple tea stall. Memories are made, preserved & revisited even after many years of the events that conspired at this place. How someone had their first drink, how someone broke the news that they are engaged, the evening when your friend passed out Or the night when the bouncers kicked you away.

Stables is our quintessential fun place. This is the place where we have done all of the above & much more. The place has a vibrancy about it that makes it a great hangout spot with friends. The do host a lot of events, be it the World Cup matches, Pub Quizzes & even Halloween parties. Stables is eventful for us every time we visit.

Ambiance: Slightly dim light place. The place has the wooden look & feel that a stable should essentially have. Barrels placed here and there, bar stools et al. Can get a bit noisy inside, hence we prefer the tables at the entrance. A live band plays through the night adding in to the atmosphere.

Service: Manage to get attention of a waiter at the start of your night & you are sorted. They manage to refill your drinks, get your food & clean the tables on time. What more do you need in a pub!

Food & Drinks:

Food is incidental here. Be it the chicken wings, fish & chips, spicy wedges or the fried calamari. All do the perfect job of being the finger food companion to the booze.

Fiery Chicken Wings
Cheese Balls
Spicy Wedges

Order the beer, settle down & enjoy the football game. Else, order a flaming tower & just go crazy after that. Extreme ends mentioned, now choose your style.

In the cocktails section, they make a mean Long Island Iced Tea


And a potent Bull Frog


Do try a few Jagermeister shots in between


Pricing: Moderately priced for a Dubai pub. 35-45 Dhs a drink.

Final Verdict: Stables is a great hangout spot if you want to want to have fun with your friends. Cheers!!!

The Stables Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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