Cakes & Brownies @Brownie Point

Brownie Point has literally become the only stop for good pastries/ cakes for us. Let it be Bdays, Iftars, Office parties, Anniversaries or general craving for a good rich chocolatey pastry … This has become our tried and tested place. So much so that we don’t mind driving into the crowded Karama by-lanes on a weekend evening & double park the car on the road to reach this place.


Super Feature: Most of their creations are available in Egg-less format with minimum compromise on flavor. This makes ordering Cakes for your vegetarian friends so much easier 😊


The Service is very to the point no frills. Never expected any niceties, never got any.


They call it Brownie Point for a reason. The Brownies here are downright wonderful! Just ask them to be warmed a touch in the microwave so that the chocolate at the top loosens up a bit to give you a warm brownie at the bottom & a gooey layer at the top.

Be it the Chocolate Fudge Brownie


Or the slightly nutty Walnut Brownie


Or pair up your favorite chocolate ( Ferrero/ Toblerone/ Snickers), I have survived them all and happily live to tell the tale.


Death by Chocolate: It has a Chocolate Mousse filling inside the pastry instead of the cream. How can you go wrong with that? Am I in heaven yet?


Chocolate Nougat: My personal fav here. Not top overtly sweet with a very moist cake layer & topped with chocolate oozy layer. Already salivating 🙂


The Cheesecakes can do with some improvement. The Pastry can be more crumbly instead of stodgy & the cheese layer can be lighter.


We tried the Chocolate Walnut Cake for our friend’s Anniversary & they liked it so much that they are now regular patrons of this place too.


Pricing: Super Affordable. All pastries priced between 9-13 Dhs & the cakes at about 90-100 Dhs a kg.

Final Verdict: Visit this place for good cakes and pastries.

Brownie Point Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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