Molecular Gastronomy with an Indian twist @ Tresind

Tresind had been making the right waves in Dubai.  It has been long due on our list for their specialty Indian fusion/ reconstructed food menu. Finally on our wedding anniversary we made the trip here.

Ambiance: There is a bar at the entrance with a seating area. The restaurant inside is very spacious with a view of Sheikh Zayed Road on offer. The chairs are also comfy and the restaurant has a pleasant feel to it.

Service: For a restaurant of this standard, you expect the Service to be top notch. Sadly, it disappoints. Maybe its because we ordered the Set Tasting Menus or for reasons best known to them. Never even once were we asked feedback on whether we liked the dishes or what modifications would we prefer for our palate. Its basically ” we have this set menu, our job is to serve it one after other, no questions asked”. Even the water on our table wasn’t poured to us throughout the dinner and we helped ourselves. To be honest, even small eateries have better consumer engagement than this place.

We ordered the Set Tasting Menus… Non vegetarian for me & Vegetarian for Wifey.

Panipuri shot: Spherical jello shot with panipuri flavour encompassed & masala boondis to provide the puri crunch. Good start!

FullSizeRender (17)
Zaatar pav with pindi channa hummus & Sundried tomato & olives: Nice twist to the khubbus & hummous. The pindi chana hummus had a underlying indian flavour & it was smooth. The tomato/ olive can be removed and still this is a winner dish!

FullSizeRender (16)


Chaat Trolley: Then walked in the Chaat trolley. The chef explained in detail how the steam dhokla is frozen in liquid nitrogen & then rehydrated and blended in with various chutneys, papdis & palak chaat. I had read about this process multiple times but watching it unfold in front of your eyes was surreal! The chef was like a magician playing with our senses & the final product was also a wonderful medley of crunch, various temperatures & flavours! Highly recommended!!!


FullSizeRender (14)

Mushroom Chai: The Top 3 fav dish of the night! Dehydrated mushrooms with white truffle powder & the mushroom soup to replace your traditional tea leaves, sugar & water. The blend has an incredible depth of flavour & a truffle undertone. I just wanted to sip on this forever! Winner…

Tuna Salad: Cured tuna with avocado and imli (tamarind) gel. The tuna was cured well & the avocado gave it a fresh pairing. But, little on the sour side.

FullSizeRender (9)

Lamb Chops with aam papad: I had read the chef giving out the recipe in an interview and had great expectations from the dish. The lamb was slightly over done for me but had a nice crisp coating. But, overall the dish was too sour with the sauce & the aam papad chutney on the side.

FullSizeRender (11)

Gulf Prawns: The prawns had a garlic chutney & sat on a bed of poha. Prawns were cooked well & the garlic chutney gave good heat to the dish. But, all the while i kept wondering what was the original dish recreated here & why is the poha there except to give crunch to the dish. Miss for me!

Dahi bhalla icecream: It had a liquid nitrogen based dahi ice cream with potato crisps & a pickled japanese style ginger on top. The flavours seemed a blend of the chaat trolley, Dahi kebab & a piece of ginger so large it overpowered the dish. Couldnt figure out the purpose of this dish in the menu! Miss for us both…

Chicken shawerma kulcha: Shewarma chicken in a kulcha pocket with a garlic sauce topping. Honestly, i was filling up by now & the dish didnt present any new flavours. Couldnt understand the various textures of cucumber on the plate, i expected 1 piece to represent the pickle inside a shewarma, none did. Big Miss…

FullSizeRender (4)
Khandvi sorbet: Just when we thought that the food quality was waning, poof comes the khandvi sorbet. It cleansed the palate for the main course & presented a unique taste of salty and cold. My mind was asking me to treat it like a sorbet but tongue was fixated on the savoury taste. Kudos to the chef for playing with our mind! Top 3 dish!!!



Kheema Pao: Well cooked kheema with cheese pav… Thats just about it. Oh & the papad basket was fantastic, especially the fresh tasting methi khakra!

Daulat Ki Chaat: This is one of the most amazing dish of food I have ever tasted in my life! A soft airy foam of the rabdi & the crunch of the sonpapdi flakes… I am still imagining a spoonful of this amazing dish. Winner Top 3 dish.


Jalebi Tacos: They tried to reinvent the wheel on jalebi with rabdi with jalebi churros. However, after the earlier dessert this one tasted pretty average.

FullSizeRender (19)

Paan flavored Candy Floss: Paan pasand flavored floss, nice end to the meal.

FullSizeRender (18)

Pricing: 850 Dhs for 2 will seem like a high priced affair. But, compared to other Speciality chef restaurants & their Tasting Menus, it is moderately priced.

Final Verdict: The food is absolutely brilliant. Some dishes manage to blow your mind. If only they work on their service standards, it might actually take the Top Restaurant of Dubai award for me.

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