Most expansive buffet in town@ Kitchen 6

Kitchen 6 has been creating waves for the expansive buffet on offer. Located in the tallest hotel in the world, it does have a reputation to live up to. And it does fairly well in keeping up with it. Having bookmarked it for a long time, we chose a Sunday (avoiding the weekend rush) for our dinner there. It was so good that we went for a Saturday Brunch again. Both the experiences summed up together is my story below.

Ambiance: The restaurant is wide spread HUGE. Done up in a contemporary style, each of the individual kitchens on offer have been dressed up to look their part. Walking to the other end (Italian Kitchen) can be a mid meal digestive exercise in itself.

Service: The staff is really helpful & even changed our seat spotting the Little Critic sleeping in our arms to a more comfortable sofa. They clean up the table real quick because honestly, the plates keep coming. The chefs at the Kitchens who double up as the Serving staff there  engage in pleasant conversations & suggest/ tweak the dishes as per your requirement. In the Saturday Brunch, there are servers carrying specialties of the day on to your table, which is a cool idea.


We went on a Sunday & it was supposed to be a country street food style night. Honestly, the street food part wasn’t highlighted enough through the menu. The Brunch was spectacular & food quality on both the occasions was up there with JW Marquis level.

Top Picks:

Desserts Kitchen: If one Kitchen sets Kitchen 6 apart from all the Buffets in town, it has to be the Desserts Kitchen. Extensive, elaborate & super quality to go with it.

The Russian Honey Cake was perfect gooey & the honey undertone lifted the overall flavors.

There is an Indian Desserts Section & also a large display of Dates

Some unique ice creams/sorbets on display ( Green Tea, Green apple, dates etc.).


The Chocolate Brownie Pudding is smashing good with the bitter brownie taste & the hot temperature that the dish is maintained at. Cuts through all the other sweet desserts at once.


The Chocolate Fountain with a White Chocolate option is a treat for the kids.


But, don’t dare away walk from the Macaroons, they are just perfect chewy on the outside & crumbly inside. The Pistachio ones just stole the show.

Indian Kitchen:

I didn’t want to visit this kitchen at all, but ended up spending a lot of time here thanks to their Chicken Biryani & Fish Caldene

The Biryani was one of the most amazing biryanis in Dubai with the perfectly marinated meat & the long grained rice, multiple serving alert!


The Fish Caldene was well cooked fish in an aromatic coconuty gravy that hit the right tones of a Manglorean Fish Curry.


The fresh Hot breads were an added bonus.

Arabic Counter: Fresh Shewarmas, crunchy light falafels & a tartare sauce that went along with everything. This hit the mark on the made to order quotient.

The Muhammara & red chilly paste were perfect as well.



Salads & Mezze: A great variety of Arabic Cold Mezze & salads is ideal for the Brunch.

The Lemonade & Juices in the Brunch served their purpose of an afternoon drink.

Needs improvement:

Asian Section:


None of the dishes on display looked their part & very weak on the appetizer front.

However, the Peking Duck at the Brunch was rolled up fresh & was a notch above the Asian Counter.

Italian Counter: On order Pasta was at best average, other dishes under par.



Need to add a grill somewhere, would like a fish grilled/live seafood counter or a live kebab counter.

Pricing: 195 Dhs per head, on the higher side but then the spread seems to justify it.

Final Verdict: This is a great spread & all the dishes taste good. They need to have a couple of dishes that make you go “Wow, I will return for this” & it would be the Best Buffet in town by far for me.

Kitchen6 - JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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