Rajasthani Thali @ Rajasthan Al Malaki

Rajasthan AL Malaki Restaurant popped up when we were searching for a rajasthani fare. Surprised to see that it’s a rajasthani/ marwari/ gujrathi thali place. Competing at a distance with the champions of Thali service of Dubai, it’s unassuming nature wins you over. We bookmarked it waiting for a Friday, the only day when you can venture into Sharjah not worrying about the traffic. And by the looks of it, now we will venture there even braving the traffic on a weekday for the food.

Ambiance: This has a very nice homely ambiance. It reflects the charm of a sweet/ chaat shop that doubles up as a family run Thali place during lunch & dinner hours.

The tables are adorned with Rajasthani art pieces & so are the walls that carry the Rajasthani handicraft work.


Service: Amazing. Very courteous waiters who want to feed you as much as they can. The Manager/Owner came for personal feedback during the meal & didn’t just do it to me because of the zomato checkin, but every table around. Loved the personal touch in every small activity.


This will invariably end up being compared with my favorite Indian Thali place in Dubai & it matches up. The food isn’t rich in ghee or oil & carries a very warm comfort feeling about it.


Chaas was spot on, not too salty & with a hint of cumin in it.

Garlic Chutney: Now this is a must have for all marwari feasts & is spot on perfect. Just the right amount of heat. While other thali places have stopped serving it, this can be a clincher when I am next pondering over which places to choose.

Dahi wada: slight sweet smooth yogurt tempered with little curry leaves & soft vada dumplings, repeat order please.


Dal Baati Churma needs loads of improvement especially with the tough bati & slightly watery insipid Dal.


Samosa & Dhokla were right in their taste.


Sabzis: Standout was the Gobi Aloo sabzi that reminded me of the taste my rajasthani friends used to bring, superb in simplicity.


The Paneer was also delicately spiced while the Gatte ki sabzi was also good.


Rotis: The Bajra Roti with little drizzle of ghee & a few crumbs of jaggery was Oh So Good! It wasn’t the usual tough Bajre ka Roti & i ended up having 2 of these in their own.Don’t remember the last time I enjoyed a piece of bread so much.


Roti & Puri again excelled but were overshadowed by their illustrious brethren.

Khichdi was just the way I want for my ultimate comfort food.


Gajar ka Halwa is a dessert that every Indian claims that they had the best of. This would rank in the best 3 ever had for me. No overload of ghee/ khoya or milk. Just let the carrots, cashews & sugar do the talking. Wow!


Fruit Custard needs improvement especially in the Custard base, a tad watery for my liking.

Pricing: 30 dhs per foodie is a mind blowing deal for this food. It is probably the best vegetarian meal you can get for 30 Dhs

Final Verdict: This is honest cooking with not too many frills & great taste. Visit this place for that experience. Recommended Thali place!

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