Street Food Snacking @ The Curry lane


When the world hears the term “Indian Restaurant”, they visualize servings of Curries especially the oh so popular Butter Chicken, Naan breads & a pot of Biryani. Curry has become the synonym for Indian food & more so the Punjabi curries. But, now as the world discovers Indian cuisine in depth, they realize there’s more to it than Curries & Raitas.
The Curry Lane sounded like one of the above mentioned places & was conveniently ignored by me, until Wifey pointed out it is actually a snacking joint serving some close to the heart Maharashtrian fare. 7pm on a Saturday is just about the right time for a place like this when you need the perfect sleep for the week ahead!

Ambiance: I quite liked the place. Don’t mention the name at the entrance & you would feel that the menu would throw an Eggs Benedict & a French Toast at you. Done in a very contemporary style with ample use of white, the Menu board at the top is an example of how using the correct font can alter the look of a place.

This is exactly how I would never expect a street food joint to be.

Service: It was efficient, timely & to the point. We ordered all our food at once but it was bought to our table in a phased manner ensuring it’s the right temperature when we need to have it.

Food: We went full throttle on all out favorite dishes.

Kothimbir Wadi: Batter of coriander & gram flour steamed & then fried with a crisp coating. On the money for me!


Vada Pav: The potato stuffing inside the Vada was spot on but the Bread itself was very crumbly. For a good Burger or a Vada Pav, the bread needs to hold its shape with a little chewy texture. The dry coconut chutney accompanied was zingy & hence we didn’t even touch the fried chilli on the side.


Misal Pav: Ignoring the bread again, the sprouts gravy with chopped onions & crisps of farsan was actually good! Although we asked for spice levels to be moderate, it was zingy with a punch!

Sprouts Pattice: It is a sprouts filling in a potato encase, the potato had a good hash brown consistency which was the unique difference from the usual ones. The sprouts filling was a little higher on the spice again.

Pista Mastani: Pune takes its pride in it’s Mastanis, be it the famous historical character or the Milkshake lookalike. Whipped with ice cream, milk, cream, flavoring & topped with nuts & a dollop of ice cream. This is essential to calm you down with the spice in the food on the table.


Pricing: 65 Dhs for 2pax,very decently priced for a street food snacking experience.

Final Verdict: The Curry Lane does justice to the street food snacking experience, but perfection needed in all the dishes they served. Would give them a try again!

The Curry Lane Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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