Vintage Italian @ Capri Italian Grill

Now this was a surprise. We were in the Trade centre area & searched for an Italian restaurant. This popped up as the closest one. Decided to pay a visit.

Ambiance: This looks like a very rustic old charm family run place. Wooden barrels, hanging lanterns which you would find in european castles gives it a very traditional look.

Service: The only time the person serving spoke to me is when i asked ” which one would be a slightly spicy pasta”. He showed me the rigatone. Thats it. Otherwise, there was a cold shoulder throughout. I could have very well been sitting in a food court & helping myself to my order. Massive disappointment!


Olives were served at the start. I expected breads with olive oil or maybe balsamic but olives in an italian restaurant? More to do with the regional affluence I guess.

Sunset Hue: Grenadine with orange juice, not too sweet. Good taste!


Calamari Fritti: Fried Calamari lacked seasoning & the coating could have been crispier.

The Garlic Mayo was a good dip though.


Rigatone with spicy beef sausage: The pasta was cooked really well, had a bite to it. The tomato sauce with garlic had a great depth of flavour to it. The spicy beef sausage was more meatballish with ground beefy texture but in a good way. Held its shape & texture till I finished the dish.


Pricing: The overall meal costed 105 Dhs, moderately priced.

Final Verdict: This is a decent place for an Italian meal, however service needs improvement. Visit only if near Trade Centre.

Capri Italian Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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