Biryanis & Kebabs @ Gazebo

Gazebos have been synonymous with great Biryanis & kebabs for me. We have visited this outlet, ordered at home & in office so often that they probably recognize our faces by now. Finally , after another round of ordering in office on Wednesday, I decided to pen this review on my blog.


Ambiance: The setting is slightly old contemporary. They have a central seating area and also small cabins with curtains for privacy.

Service: Service is good & attentive. Although if you are in the cabin, getting their attention is slightly difficult.


Whole lot of dishes to write about

Gosht Galawati kebab: Perfect melt in the mouth kebabs served on a crispy paratha. My fav dish here!


Butter Chicken: Tangy, creamy and slightly sweet. This is for those who like their butter chicken on the slightly sweeter side.

Burrah Chops: Mutton Chops marinated in Indian Tandoori spices & cooked well

Kakori Kebabs: Seekhs of very tender kebabs that are lightly spiced and ohh so soft!

Hammour Tikka: Lightly spiced & correctly cooked keeping the fish soft & delicious!


Bhuna Gosht: I have to admit that I order this dish more for the bhuna masala and less for the mutton. Caramalised onion thick masala with bold flavours & boneless pieces of mutton inside. Goes well with the rotis.

Dal Makhani: Well done creamy dal makhani that might make some calorie conscious people food conscious.


Roomali Rotis: Very well done non stretchy and perfectly roasted thin rotis.

Raan e sikandari: Total miss dish for me. The masala itself is too tangy & not very spicy. The dish came in a semi dry preparation & not like a Tandoori raan as i expected. Meat should have been more tender as well.

Biryanis: The real heroes of Gazebos. Sealed pots of goodness that engulf a wonderful medley of meat spices and rice into a divine concoction. Only complaint is that almost all Biryanis we tasted are boneless, they can introduce the bones so that the flavours and spices are well entrapped with the meat.


Lassis are the perfect accompaniment to the food here.


Pricing: Moderate pricing.

Final Verdict: Gazebo delivers on its promise of premium Indian kebab & Biryani fare at moderate pricing. Go for that without paying royal fine dine pricing.

Gazebo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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