Kebabs platter @ Barbecue Delights

Search for a kebab & you will find many places, Search for many  & you will find Barbecue Delights. Kind of what happened with me on friday night. Had a strong craving for kebabs & Zomato interestingly threw this restaurant as an option. What is never tried can never be judged & hence we set off to try this new Pakistani/Afghani/North Indian cuisine experience.

Ambiance: It is essentially divided between 2 sections connected by a long corridor & the buffet spread sits in the middle of it. Brightly lit up place with a comfortable seating arrangement. You can watch the live grilling in the kitchen that adds a more real feel to the food experience.

Service: Service is irrelevant in a buffet spread but wifey opted for a la carte & we never saw the waiter after her food was served. So yes, not very great service.

We wanted to take the a la carte but realized that the buffet covers all the top dishes in the menu & hence I opted for it. Wifey opted for a Mix Veg & Naan which was passable.

The Buffet however was really good. i cant complain about any of the dishes but there were a few stand outs & a few improvement areas.

The Salads corner offered the Cold Mezze & salads to start with.

Stand out: Definitely the kebabs, Nihari & the Paya.
The Chicken Shami kebabs looked like fried nuggets & I tried them reluctantly & they turned out to be one of the best Shamis I have tasted.

The Reshmi kebabs were lightly spiced, succulent & juicy.


The Fried prawns well were crunchy & good.

The Beef Nihari was just amazing. True depth of flavor & very easily falling off the bone meat. I just forgot how many pieces of bread I dunked into this dish.

Ditto for the Paaya (Trotters) that was a lighter gravy with great flavors.

The Daal stood out for its simplicity amongst this rich & heavy meal.
The Shahi Tukda was my fav in the dessert section where the bread was soft that it could be spooned out although the rabdi was bit grainy.

The Kebab Corner gave us ample of choices.

Improvement areas:
The food tends to be on the heavier side & need some light dishes to cut through it. The Chicken Haleem is a miss for me who wants his Haleem only with mutton.


Desserts can be improved definitely.

Pricing: 65 Dhs for a buffet & overall meal for 100 Dhs. Moderate pricing.

Final Verdict: Carry a huge appetite & this place will satisfy all your grilled kebab cravings.

Barbecue Delights Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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