Rock n Roll @ Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe ... Globally these 3 words have seldom gone wrong! I have visited this place since the day they got their liquor license & it has been a delightful  experience each & every time. It has maintained the Global HRC standards perfectly. the Music, the Cocktails, the Burgers, the Chicken Tenders, the Merchandise & the ever so perfect Service…they have it all! Was very happy to tick 1 more HRC T shirt from my list.

Ambiance: This place is massive, with the band playing on stage & a large seating area in front of it. Sit there, if you want to be close to the music or be near the stage to do the Y M C A. Stay near the Bar area if you like high stools, a bit of relief from the music & being close to the bartender to make sure he delivers the perfect drink. Even better place in the winters if you want to have a conversation is the smoking area which is covered with seating. So , all in all , choose your ambiance.

Service: Absolutely Fantastic, the waiters are cheerful, prompt & funny. You can have a long conversation on the various badges that they earn, whats new in HRC et al with them, but they still manage to fill your orders on time.


Long Island Ice Tea: Their signature special, this is my benchmark when I visit any other pub.


Southern Rock: If Jack Daniels is your thing, go in for this cocktail. Welcome change from the rum/vodka based cocktails.

The Electric Skyy Blue is electrifying as well.


Go in for the Margaritas, esp the frozen ones if you like a bit of fruit in your drinks. Otherwise, opt for the Fresh Mojitos,


Tupelo Tenders: Superbly tender pieces of chicken fried with a crisp coating. Recommended.

Also Recommended is the Jumbo Combo in case u r in a grp & want to share a lot of appetizers. My pick in that is the Potato with cheese & tiny flakes of bacon. the variety of dipping sauces is another added advantage.

Nachos with Chicken is a classic plate as well.


If you manage to get thru all this & have enough space, go in for their Signature Burgers. But be warned, they are huge in Qty & great in taste. Even on a full stomach, you will be tempted to have another bite!


Pricing: Drinks pricing is actually at par with other pubs considering the quality of drinks here. Food looks heavily priced but is large portions like a typical diner making it per person moderately priced.

Final Verdict: Go in for a bit of the live band, a lil bit of Y M C A, the LIITs & the HRC Service. Pick up the Merchandise & tick it off your Global HRC  list. My fav pick for a drink and a bite in Dubai!

Hard Rock Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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