Vegetarian Fusion @ Ottimo

Venturing out for an Only vegetarian restaurant on a weekend is rare. It has to be significantly different from the usual North Indian vegetarian fare. Ottimo has been on our minds for some time now due to the unique vegetarian fusion menu.

Ambiance: Very well done up place. One side offering a clear view outside. The interiors done up in a contemporary honeycomb design.

Large TV screens playing sports channel which ensures we will return back on matchday.

There is the Dessert display at the entrance in case you want to make up your mind right at the start of the meal.


Service: Fantastic! I would have to say amongst the best I have experienced in Dubai. The waiter was spot on with his suggestion of the order, knew what to pick from the vast menu. When there was a shortage of baby chair, the entire staff took turns to take care of the Little Critic to ensure we enjoyed the food. The feedback taken after every dish & discussion about restaurants from back in India made this a totally fantastic experience.


Funghi Frittas: Now we wanted to order the Mushroom Boats. Asked the waiter for his recco. He said try the Funghi Frittas… Mushrooms, spinach, cheese & fried. Fried!Wifey left a gasp, but still went ahead as we love mushrooms. It was a super dish. No trace of oil or heaviness of frying. The Mushrooms were stuffed with cheese spinach & the other half with little molten cheese with a crisp coating. No overdoing of cheese to please the crowd, just correct.


Watermelon mocktail: Came in at the waiters insistence instead of water melon juice. A hint of ginger, watermelon juice & sugar. Refreshing, bitey but a tad little sweet.


Indiana Pizza: Ordering a pizza with paneer is blasphemy! However, the Indiana pizza recommended by many foodies forgave me for my sin. Thin crust that didnt turn limp till we finished the last bite. Onions, pepper & green chutney marinated paneer… Super on the spice level & amazing to eat! Recommended.


Gnocchi agli olio: This has to be my doing. The waiter warned me against trying this combo, but the gnocchi lover in me couldnt resist & wanted to keep the sauce simple. Added mushrooms, sundried tomatoes & caramalized onions. Gnocchi was a little dense & unlike the puffy balls of goodness. The butter garlic combo also became a bit salty with the gnocchi.


Chocolates served at the end were a little hard & should be improved in case they want to end the meal on a high.


Pricing: 120 for the above meal. Little pricey but the food is really good for that money.

Final Verdict: Good place for vegetarians to try out fusion food carefree. Will go again to try out the mexican fare & bruschetta next time.

Ottimo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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