A glimpse of Thailand @Little Bangkok

Honestly, I believe Thai food is the closest to creating a balance of the basic 5 tastes … the sweet,sour, bitter, salty & to a large extent Umami. The medley of seafood, poultry & other veggies make a deep dive in to familiar yet sometimes uncharted flavours. With a Thai restaurant giant next doors, Little Bangkok fights back with its flavours to compete on being the Best Thai Restaurant in the area.


It is situated next to the Movenpick Hotel, Oud Metha & has been on my “want to try but deterred by not finding parking” list. Restaurants boast of open kitchen, Little Bangkok takes it one step further to displaying its dishes at the entrance itself.


So, on a Friday night, after 15 mins of staying put in my car with indicators on & contemplating to not visit this place third time running, a heaven sent angel vacated his parking spot for me to visit this restaurant.

They do have a Breakfast unlimited dimsum menu as well. Would love to have dimsums & green tea for breakfast some day.


Ambiance: Going in with the display at the front is their Open Kitchen where you can watch your dishes come out or the waiting staff chat up (more on that later).


The place is done up with bamboo dome shaped lanterns & lamps to give a South east Asian feel to the entire place.


Service: Sometimes good service can cover up for an average meal, but when the food is good as in the case of Little Bangkok, good service can take it to the “I will return back definitely” level. The Service at Little Bangkok has loads to improve upon. First of all, the time between me placing my Mains order to it being served can’t be an excruciating 25 mins.

More so, customer engagement is ZERO. The billing counter/open kitchen forms a get together point for all the staff where they come and chat/laugh about I don’t know/I don’t care what. Wouldn’t you be better off talking to us which is when you would have realized that I am pissed that my food isn’t here in time.

Yes you asked me my spice tolerance & Yes you asked me once the food was served whether I would like my curry to be hotter. But, If I ask for spice level to be upped, the solution can’t be you giving me a few red chillies to add in to it. Either be ready to rework your dish or don’t ask me for my feedback!

Abject disappointment!


I started off with the drink recommended, “Pleon Chit” with lychee juice, lime & hint of chilli at the top. Being apprehensive of the thai chilli, I didn’t dip it in for some time but later realized that the hot bite works perfectly well with the sweet lychee & the tang of the lime. Winner!


Dumpling Gai: Came in the traditional bamboo basket, steamed with a moist chicken filling & an al dente dumpling, a little chilli oil on top & its perfect.

The sweet chilli paste on the side was mixed up as & when required.


For the Mains ordered the Gaeng Kiew Wan ( Seafood Green Curry) & the Chicken Khao Pad ( Fried Rice).

The squid & prawns in the Green Curry were perfect done in coconut milk & loved the texture on the squid. Balance of spice as well & I am a sucker for kaffir lime flavor. The Fried Rice was perfect as well, not trying to be the hero while letting the Curry take over.

The bummer was the part when the red chillies were recommended to spice the curry up.


Pricing: The above meal costed 130 Dhs which is a bit steep considering it is a meal for 1.

Final Verdict: Good Thai food let down by insipid service, that probably sums it up. Would advice to try it for a delivery at your place.


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