Rava Idli & Masala Dosa @MTR

MTR… These 3 alphabets will resonate with every Banglorean or every bachelor who has used their Ready to eats. It has been almost a year since we first discovered MTR on Khalid Bin Waleed street next to ADCB Bank & since then it has taken Top spot for the best Masala Dosa in town for me!

Ambiance: They have created a visual feel of MTR in Bengaluru with the Old posters etc.


Slightly cluttered seating, although now they increased the number of Baby chairs from erstwhile 1. The other family once waited till we finished so as to take our baby chair.

Service: Slightly slow. I accept when you say my Dosa is being made fresh & will take time. But my filter coffee cant take 10-12 mins.


Rava Idly: They are supposed to be the pioneers of this dish & boy they deliver! Very soft and airy, not a blob of dense batter. Goes wonderfully well with the potato curry.


Masala Dosa: One bite & i was transported to Davangere’s Benne Dosa. Not as buttery as that one but its amazing how you can make a crisp yet thick dosa. Green chutney smeared on the inside with a potato masala stuffed gives it a divine taste.


Ragi Dosa: Another amazing dish. Made with Ragi or red millet flour, this slightly sweet soft sticky dosa with chopped onion added in gives it  a very unique and delectable taste. The garlic & dry coconut chutney is a complimentary flavour to the sweetness of the dosa.


Rava Masala Dosa: Crispy, crunchy good.

Khara Bhaath: The Upma equivalent isn’t exactly their strongest dish. It tries to get in some not needed masala flavour in the humble Upma & doesn’t work for me.


Filter Coffee: Bitter yet not packing the aroma of a good south indian filter kaapi.


The Badam Milk is a simple milk + almond flavour & is loved by our little critic.


Special mention to the small serving of ghee on every dish

Pricing: Absolute value for money. Every dish priced around 10-12 Dhs.

Final Verdict: I will go back for all the above dishes and to try their Akki Roti and Rava Dosa as well in the evenings. Super food!
MTR - 1924 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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