Kebabs & Rolls @ Shahi Paratha Roll

In this crowded culinary space of Dubai, it becomes very difficult to get the 4 P’s of Marketing right. Either you have a great meal but end up paying through your nose for it or you compensate on the hygiene & flavors for the price. Shahi Paratha Rolls manages to get the basics of a Restaurant business correct… Delicious food @ Super affordable price.

About 2 weeks back I got an invite from them to try out their menu. I looked at the location ” International City” & flashed the memories of when I used to visit my friends studying there. While it is situated away from the cacophony of the main city, the location acts as a deterrent for access to good food. Shahi Paratha Rolls would have been one place my friends would have hogged on daily had it existed 5 years back.

The location is set in the Greece Cluster of International City. A little bit of google maps help needed to land up at the location. They have an outdoor seating on the grass with tables laid out. As it was late in the night, I preferred to sit indoors which can seat about 20 people, little cramped but i was alone & had the whole table to myself hence not complaining. Pickled vegetables in bottles adorn the walls & adds colour to the place.

I was a guest & hence can’t comment on the service but watched as Amir attended to the other patrons suggesting them dishes to suit their hunger levels. This place specializes in typical street food of Pakistan brought to a more organised location without compromising on the flavor.I trusted that &  left the ordering part to him letting him choose the best of the lot for me.

We started with the Chicken Wings, Buttermilk Wings & Buffalo Wings. Both wings crispy fried but I would have liked the hot buffalo sauce to be more gooey & tad more spicy.

Chicken Wings

Cut to the next dish & arrives the Kacche Gosht ka Bun Kebab which is what Pakistani food has been serving as a rustic alternative to the metro sexual Burger. A well cooked spiced tender mutton patty in a burger bun with onions & green chutney, Spot On!

Kachche Gosht ke Bun Kebab

Next arrived the New York Chicken & Rice with chicken on a bed of aromatic clove infused rice & a white sauce on the top. This can act up as a whole meal in itself.

New York Chicken & Rice

Then arrived the famous Roll or Wrap, a Tender Mutton Seekh Kebab in a wrap that breaks off at the first bite without stretching even a bit, some onions & chutney without any oil. Damn close to how I would describe a perfect Roll for me.

Mutton Seekh Kebab Roll

The Kebab Platter arrived next & some of the Kebabs were amazing.

Kebab Platter

The Chicken Reshmi Kebab was creamy, tender & just melt in the mouth. Ditto for the Chicken Seekh Kebab which with its subtle spicing just broke away at the slightest touch. The Chicken Tikka Boti was so tender it needed a fork to pick it up.


And lo behold arrived the 7 chutneys/ dips, the signature of the house, my favorite being the Aloo Bukhara Chutney which was sweet & a little bit tangy. Daredevils go in for the Red Chilly version which is sure to fire up the palate.

Rounding up the meal was a Kheer made up of rice & sweetened milk, very close to a Phirni & cooled off in a earthen pot which added its flavour as we scraped the bottom.


The Mint Lemon Soda is a good drink for your meal.

Lemon Mint Soda

I dined as a guest but a Meal for 2 would cost between 50 -70 Dhs which is a drop dead price for the great quality of food.

My Final Verdict is that I highly recommend this place for their Kebabs & especially their Rolls. Honestly wish they start one closer to my place for me to sit back & Order.

Shahi Paratha Roll Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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