Dinner with a farzi twist @Farzi Cafe


Farzi translated to Fake/ cheat or in this case to create an illusion. Zorawar Kalra’s brainchild from Delhi, Farzi Cafe finally opened it’s gates in Dubai on 30th March. They are the same team who have given Masala Library, Masalabar & Pa Pa ya in India. Incorporating a Molecular gastronomy twist to Indian food has become an association with them now.

We had heard (a lot) about Farzi Cafe & their amazing cocktails from our friends who tried it back in Delhi. So, we awaited their launch date like the release of a Super hero movie & booked ourselves for the First Day experience.


We were welcomed to this cafe located in Citywalk, Al Safa with an outdoor seating as well as an ultra modern brightly lit indoor seating. The seating area is quite spacious  with a bar one one side of the restaurant. To our dismay, they don’t serve alcohol, which translates to missing all their signature cocktails.

But quelling our doubts instantly were Shivankit & Shadab who hand held us across the course of our dinner & reassured us that the Mocktail concoctions would make up for them. The entire spread was chosen by them & every dish was perfect to the T. The only hitch in our service was that the Mocktails arrived pretty late in to our dinner & they forgot the bottle of water that we had ordered. The amuse bouche also didn’t make it to our table. Minor glitches considering it was the first day, but glitches nevertheless.

The entire menu is designed in Tapas sized portions, which is good as you get to savour a lot more dishes. But, several times, like in the case of our Galouti Burger, you feel hard done by a single portion of a burger in a box.

Raj Kachori

We started off with the compliments of the house, an interesting take on the Raj Kachori where the puffed Kachoris were filled in with pumpkin puree, topped with some saunth chutney foam & some crispy baby okras on the side. Packed with flavour & I could have those okras every day for dinner.Don’t underestimate the foam as it packs a punch at the back of your throat. Great start!

Ananas Orbits

The drinks arrived next. Ananas Orbits was their take on the Pinacolada with pineapple, coconut & Pinacolada caviar. It was so good that Wifey forgot that she had a husband & son waiting to get a sip of it. Her complaint ” It’s too less to share”. I tend to disagree “It was too good to share”.

Farzi SM-OK

The Farzi SM-OK on the other hand was passable compared to its illustrious colleague. A blend of mandarin juice & lemon, it missed the Farzi signature taste twist, except for the cloud of dry ice smoke coming through it.

Tandoori Wild Mushrooms 

Carrying forward our love for wild mushrooms to Farzi as well, arrived probably our dish of the evening. A blend of wild mushrooms tossed with bell peppers and cheese, served with the aroma of Truffle Oil bellowing in the jar below. A great crunch on the peppers, earthiness of the mushrooms & the aroma of Truffle Oil made it an amazing experience.

Tempura Prawns

The Tempura prawns with its crisp batter, chiili mayonnaise & fish roe was a delight as well. A close cousin of the Oh so famous Dynamite shrimps, but the zing of the chilli mayo sets it apart.

In the foam & smoke of Molecular Gastronomy, chefs often forget true flavours have to be replicated which may not be  crowd pleasers but remind you of journeys taken to the region from where they originate.

Devilled Quail Eggs

The Devilled Quail eggs with Labneh spheres on a bed of spiced chicken mince transported me to Southern India with the curry leaves & the intense black pepper chicken mince. Came in a half open carved glass bottle that acts an interesting serving tray for people sitting on both ends of the table.

Dal Chawal Arancini

Dal Chawal Arancini took the staple Yellow Lentils & Rice to make it in to a fine dining dish. The Dal Chawal mixture was  deep fried to crispy goodness topped with some green mint chutney, tomato salsa & poppadum. It is like having the entire staple meal of Dal Chawal, Pickles & Papad in one bite. Great twist to the basic staples of every Indian household.

Galouti Burger

For the Mains, we ordered the Galouti Burger which came in a treasure box with potato wedges. The softer than softest Galouti kebab was sandwiched in a soft bun with the onions  &seasoning. The only issue with the dish was that there was just one of it & 2 people on the table.

Rasmalai Tres Leches

The finale was the Rasmalai Tres leches with the break apart when touch the fork Rasmalai & Carrot cream sandwiched between them in condensed milk with perfect sweetness & texture. I just wished they had a more exciting dessert menu apart from the Tres leches.

The issue with with Molecular Gastronomy restaurants is the hole that they burn in your pockets with the jing bang. Our meal here however came to 235 Dhs & is a smashing price for the food.

Final Verdict is that we had a blast with an evening full of different flavours & will go back again & again to try out their different innovations. Highly recommended!


Farzi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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