Best Emirati Desserts @ Logma

It is strange that you stay in a place for more than 6 years & never taste what is the Local cuisine of that country. UAE can do that to you, after all it is a melting pot of global flavours. So much so, that the true Emirati traditions/ flavours are found in few places around the country. So, when Logma invited us to try their New Anniversary Special Menu, we were literally blindfolded on the experience ahead!


Logma is situated in Box Park, Al Safa, the newest food street of Dubai. Bright lights, Shipping container Boxes modified into restaurants & ample parking defines this area. Logma is brightly lit, offering an outdoor seating which we quickly grabbed on to savour the last few days of the pleasant Dubai weather. The interiors have a great coffee bar serving the most amazing coffee (more on that later) & a chic look to the place.

The waiting staff is very courteous, dressed up with the Arabic Shemagh ( a traditional red and white checkered headgear). Our steward Mike waltzed us through the evening with his reccos starting with what Logma (Small Bites) means & what we should expect for the evening.

Logma Fries

We started with the Logma Fries, a house speciality.& the Khaleeji take on universal staple Potato Fries ( Note the replacement of the word French here). Crisp potato fries covered with the khaleeji spices & fried crisp herbs, it is a wonderful version of the Fries.

Cheese Sambousak

The Cheese Sambousak with the crisp coating & cream cheese inside was good, nothing that would make me go ga ga about it.


The Chebab” Pancakes with cream cheese & drizzled with date syrup were Yummm given the contrasting textures of the soft pancake, sticky date syrup & the slightly salty cream cheese. This can be a breakfast alternate to the usual buttermilk pancakes.

Logma Shake

The Logma Shake  with the blend of dates, honey & bananas was the way I would create a Milkshake if someone asked me to custom design it. Just perfect!


Wifey didn’t particularly enjoy the passion fruit flavour in the Atlantis mocktail & quickly switched on to the Logma Shake. Yes, this is the line where all Husbands go “Exactly what happens with me”.

For the Mains, we had the Falafel Sandwich, Shawarma Sandwich & the Chicken Machbous.


Falafel Sandwich was just perfect with the Falafels, pickles, tomatoes & tahini. The sour pickle complemented the crispy Falafel extremely well.

Shawarma Sandwich

Chicken Shawarma sandwich could have done with some more tahini or more sauce as it tasted dry. The Khameer was breaking & should have been more chewy to hold the Sandwich together.


The Chicken Machbous is a traditional Emirati preparation with the cooking of marinated chicken with Yellow rice topped with raisins & served with a raita sauce.Very subtle flavours on the rice.

Just when you thought, this dinner is going to be good but not great, Bang! hit the desserts & you wonder “I should have left more space for this”.


The Lugaimat are the Best Lugaimat I have ever had & that too light years ahead of their next competitor. Crunchy on the outside & soft on the inside, I was on a merry trip enjoying them on its own till I spotted the dark black date honey syrup next to it. 1 dip in to the date syrup & I was in food heaven. Logma should officially sell this date syrup in jars or barrels, this can be poured over literally anything & elevate a basic dish in to something Splendid with a Capital S. Winner!


How can one trump the Lugaimat & I was looking at the Calzone with a yellow saffron syrup around it. The dark brownish fried Chebab Katayef didn’t look like something that will trump the Lugaimat. But, Mike insisted & we broke open the crisp coating of the Chebab. Lo behold, it was stuffed with mascapone cheese, dates & nuts. I took a spoonful of everything & time froze, I was returning back to the same food heaven where the Lugaimats had taken me, maybe even further. I lingered a bit more, savoring a few more spoonfuls till my stomach reminded me the laws of elasticity & it had reached the breaking point. This is a Must Must Have Dessert.

Chebab Katayef

And I have to talk about the Saudi coffee served with the desserts, which was with no exaggeration One of the Best Coffees I have ever tasted.

Saudi Coffee

Cardamon flavored, clean on the palate, not too bitter & something that cuts across all the richness & sweetness of the desserts. This is again a Must Have! Don’t ask for Cappuchinos or Lattes, just Saudi Coffee.

We dined as guests but a meal for 2 would cost around 180 -200 Dhs which is great for the USP that this restaurant has offering Emirati cuisine.

Final Verdict: Highly recommended for you to do a trip & taste the modern take on Emirati cuisine. What will I do on my next visit … Hit the desserts & then work backwards on the menu. Best Arabic desserts tasted ever!


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