Pizzas assemble @ Pizzaly

I was invited to the grand opening of the second branch of Pizzaly @ Dubai Marina. Yes, it was about 3 weeks back & as I write this, many would have already savored the Pizza offerings at Pizzaly.


The Grand opening as well as the preview was a well worked out event. The restaurant has both indoor as outdoor seating options. The place is done up in hues of pink and white which offers a very different feel from the other popular bright colors of pizza joints. We were treated to a ramp walk of all the pizzas by their courteous staff who managed to put up a smile despite the rush & crowd around.

The evening routine was great, every 10 mins 3-4 Large pizzas would emerge from the kitchen & staff would wait patiently with hot pizzas in their hand as the foodies ( Me also to be blamed) would turn into food paparazzi & shutter shutter click click the celebrity pizzas here. Cut up, distributed & then the next pizza would be a different version & appear after the next 10 mins. A well oiled routine. Kudos for making everyone happy!


The first pizza was their Classic “Bufalina” with Mozzarella Cheese, tomato sauce & the ever so hard to find in UAE basil leaves. The best part was that the mozzarella wasn’t the shredder version but the chunks thrown in which once melted offer a mouthful of milky molten cheese contrasting the tomato sauce. My favorite pizza of the evening.


The “International” Thailand pizza followed next with the potatoes, Thai chicken & fried onions. Never had potatoes on my pizza & now I regret why, it actually works well with the crisp base.

Mont Blanc

The “Mont Blanc” pizza arrived next with burrata, mushrooms & truffle oil. Smelt Great with the truffle oil but the cold mushrooms weren’t to my liking & hence this was a Miss for me.


I saw a sudden rush of the Vegetarians in the room towards the Serving Counter & I guessed the Vegetarian pizza must have arrived. Zucchini, Bell peppers & red onions worked perfectly well. Vegetarians cheer up & delight, this place offers a lot of options for the non meat eaters.


The Diavola with the Bell peppers & the beef salamis was another highlight of the night for me. Just the way I like a pepperoni pizza with the bell peppers thrown in for some crunch. Winner!


Guacamole, beef mince, corn, tomatoes, even a blind tasting would reveal the secret of the Mexican pizza. Is it a taco Or Is it a pizza? Flavor wise taco, served like a pizza.

The juices & soft drinks kept us company while the evening led to Treasure Hunts & the Dessert Pizzas coming in. Already done with my pizza craving for atleast a  month, I exited the place happily.

A meal for 2 would cost around 100 Dhs which is a fair price for a Gourmet Pizza place.

Final Verdict: Extremely crisp thin base, great milky mozzarella & a varied offering simply highlights this place. Recommended for pizza lovers in & around Marina.

Pizzaly Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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