Anda Funda @ Raju Omlet

What came first … the Chicken or the Egg? Don’t know, but I am glad both decided to stay back & give us breakfast to dinner eating options. The simple egg has been taken to a standalone franchise nowadays. Gone are the days when a simpleton Raju from Baroda, India decided to start a business selling omelettes on a handcart. More than 30 years have passed & Raju Omlet has managed to soar across the oceans & open up franchises in the U.A.E. selling a variety of offerings all based on the simple egg.

Zomato Meetup was scheduled in the newly opened Raju Omlet in Al Quoz, Sheikh Zayed Road. Zomato meetups are fun, organized by the ever so effervescent Pallavi Sangtiani we meet people who love to eat & more so talk about what they love to eat. Their culinary journeys across the globe to tiny bylanes of Dubai are discovered at length. We meet popular food bloggers, some with an army of followers behind them & take tips on how improve our blogs as well. It is an afternoon well spent.

My previous visits to the Karama Raju Omlet haven’t been very enjoyable. Reason being the small dining place & the long waiting times. They have taken care of the dining space area with this huge seating area filled with quirky egg quotes displayed on the walls. The old typewriters, nostalgic pictures of erstwhile Bombay, the Indian Movie Posters painted on the walls add in to the vibe around this place. It is very close to how a modern Irani Cafe in Mumbai will look right now. About the long waiting time, well, that still exists as this place is packed to the brim even at lunch times.

The waiting staff is dressed up in true Bambaiyya style with white kurtas, khakis & white Gandhi topis.


The tea is served in the typical wire carry trays & the names of all the dishes have been retained to the original ones, be it Pav ( not Bread/Bun), Bhurji ( not scrambled eggs), Half -fry ( No Side of Sunny is up here) & Cutting Chai (yes, it is far far away from English Breakfast tea).


We were served up the Menu for the afternoon & the question struck … How can one make an entire lunch based on eggs? I read the list, Interesting Menu with the Omlets, Curries, Rolls & Beverages.


We were served up 2 Omlets … Cheese Masala Omlet & the Power Omlet. An accompaniment of buttered soft Indian Pav & Parathas continued through our lunch.

The Cheese Masala Omlet was just the perfect way I like my Cheese Masala Omlet for breakfast, lightly spices & right amount of cheddar cheese melted to perfect consistency.

Cheese Masala Omlet

The Power Omlet with spinach paste, capsicum & chillies tasted way better than it looked. I strongly repel green colored food, but this was a surprise exception. I guess it’s time to experiment with spinach in my omlets next time.

Power Omlet

The Cutting Chai with strong ginger flavor was a delight, I ended up having almost 4 glasses of that.

Cutting Chai

The Fresh Orange Juice (ask for the Raju Twist) went down really well with the hint of rock salt added at the top.

Fresh Orange Juice

Then came in the Rolls which is a paratha stuffed with eggs/ chicken/ veggies. We were served 3 Rolls. The Pahadi Chicken Roll with chicken, green condiment flavoring was my pick.

Pahadi Chicken Roll

The Aloo Cheese Roll too mushy for my liking & needs some texture to bite in to. Egg Cheese Roll was like a Cheese Masala Omlet wrapped in a Paratha.

The Egg Lazeez gravy just made me stand up and admire the wonderful concoction of cheese, onion tomatoes & sliced boiled eggs, never ever have I tried a gravy dish with these flavours. Heavy on the palate but recommended for the flavors.

Egg Lazeez

The Chatpata Boiled Tikka & Masala Paneer Bhurji have a nearly similar base with the tang of the tomatoes, green chilllies & ginger garlic onion. The Boiled Tikka is topped with boiled sliced eggs while the Paneer Bhurji has the grated soft Paneer (Cottage Cheese) incorporated in to it. Pick accordingly if you are an Eggetarian/ Vegetarian.

The experience from my earlier visit was quite different this time as they have worked on the flavor of the dishes as well as the range offering. The Egg was made in to 12-13 ways & presented to us & in different forms/ Textures never repeating them.

A meal for 2 would cost approx 60 – 70 Dhs which is super Value for Money for breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner.

Final Verdict: Raju Omlet Al Quoz branch highly recommended for egg lovers, breakfast seekers & Mumbai style nostalgia bonus guaranteed.


Raju Omlet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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